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Updated on Sep 3, 2015
( 7:00 pm )

Date Admitted
Picture #
5/19/15 Staffordshire Terrier - Mix Neutered Red White 1 Yr,
3 Mos
7/28/15 Labrador Retriever - Mix Neutered Black & White 1 Yr,
1 Mo
7/28/15 Beagle - Mix Female Black, White & Brown 7 Yrs,
1 Mo
7/30/15 Labrador Retriever - Boxer Neutered Black (+Brown highlights) 3 Yrs,
1 Mo
8/7/15 German Shepherd - Mix Neutered Black & Tan 2 Yrs 54746
8/13/15 Labrador Retriever - German Shepherd Neutered Black 4 Yrs,
5 Mos
8/19/15 Staffordshire Terrier - Mix Female Red w/ wht chest 10 Mos 54755
8/19/15 Staffordshire Terrier - Mix Neutered Brown & White 2 Yrs,
6 Mos
8/20/15 Collie - Mix Spayed Black & White w/ brown spots 1 Yr,
6 Mos
8/26/15 Brittany Spaniel - Mix Spayed Orange White 3 Yrs,
6 Mos

Dogs that are admitted into the Shelter as strays are not eligible for adoption for a minimum of 48 hours from the time they are admitted. Unwanted dogs are eligible for adoption on the following day. All animals must be 7 weeks of age or older to be placed up for adoption. All of our animals are given a health and temperament evaluation, treated for any health condition requiring attention (i.e. worming), and given their basic inoculations before being placed up for adoption.

State Law requires that we hold all stray dogs 48 hours from the time of arrival at our Shelter before being placed up for adoption. The Crawford County Humane Society tries to keep all of our animals as long as possible, but there is no set length of time after this 48 hour period for which these strays will be held. (By separate arrangement, stray dogs picked up from within Meadville city limits will be held for 72 hours from the time of arrival at our Shelter.)

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